What can you do to remedy smelly armpits?

Sweat is a natural process that occurs in our body and it is crucial to its proper functioning as it regulates the body temperature. People still get embarrassed, however, if they notice themselves sweating and will try anything to avoid that.

While sweating is normal, excessive sweating is not (unless we are talking about someone who is right now working out). Excessive sweating by itself is uncomfortable but the smell that comes with it is often just as bad. And because it is the smell that is usually noticed by people around us, we will try anything to stop that body odor.

The problem of smelly armpits usually first occurs during the teenage stage when our bodies begin to mature. It doesn’t always go away when we become adults though. Serious problems will require a visit to the doctor but there are a lot of home remedies that might be able to help you.

DIY remedies

There are some DIY mixtures you can use to rub onto your armpits once a day that have been proven to help some people with body odor. The most common one is a mix of lemon juice and water. Lemon lowers the skin pH to make it impossible for bacteria to grow there. You can also just rub half a lemon directly on the skin under your armpits if you prefer. Other liquids you can use are witch hazel or apple cider vinegar.

Strong deodorants

If you struggle with excessive sweating, regular deodorants will probably not work. You will need the strongest deodorant for odor. There are some clinical-strength deodorants available over the counter that should get you the effect you need.

You could also use antiperspirants but it shouldn’t be overused as stopping the sweat from occurring completely is not a good long-term solution. Our bodies need sweat to function. A deodorant for bad odor will allow you to combat the smell problem itself.

Deodorant Advisor has many recommendations for deodorants that shouldn’t have a problem with combating body odor.

Diet change

The food we eat can have an effect on the body odor produced. This is especially worth looking into if you have recently altered your diet or have been eating a lot of some specific food.

Cruciferous vegetables are the most common culprit of this. This means vegetables containing sulfur, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, or brussels sprouts. Our bodies aren’t able to break it down completely, causing them to become secreted through sweat. Other similar foods include garlic, red meat, or some fish.


Our mental state can also have an unfortunate effect on the body odor and cause our sweat to smell worse than usual. This is why a lot of people sweat excessively during public speeches.

Relaxing is easier said than done but it is a good idea to set aside some time every day for relaxation. In the worst cases, you may need to see a therapist to overcome your stress.

Smelly armpits are not a problem that can be ignored. Not only they can cause serious health issues, but they will also hinder many social interactions. The smell of sweat makes us lose their self-confidence and can make others avoid interacting with us.