Torches Are The Next Level Cookware Tool

Gastronomy is such a versatile field that hardly can we ever arrive at the point where there’s nothing left to explore. Multiple reasons make the art of food so inherently unique. However, I believe that the central deciding markers are the hand of the chef, the culture the chef delivers through the food, and the tools the chef uses. Cookware has a lot to say in the taste of the final product, and the industry has developed more eccentric appliances that change the original taste of the dish for the better.

Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur, there’s no reason not to expand your cooking abilities with the help of a turbo torch. While the kitchen of a restaurant and a home kitchen don’t have major resemblances, except for the purpose they share, the food you create in any cooking area benefits from such a tool.

Why own a kitchen torch?

Regardless of your level of expertness in gastronomy, a torch deserves a spot on your countertop. If you associate kitchen torches to a delicious creme brulee, you must know that there’s far more to explore through this device than a tasty dessert.

However, one condition of being able to explore new ways to create dishes is the availability to learn and expand your knowledge. If you’re equipped with livelihood and curiosity, a kitchen torch could fulfill your need for novel food discoveries.

Using a kitchen torch in the cooking process gives you a sense of an authentic raw food experience since you manually use the flame to create the dish. Instantly, the process of cooking becomes an interaction between you and the food.

A top pick for kitchen torches

Since I discovered the torch I’ve felt the perpetual desire to integrate it in the creative process. Personally, I think of gastronomy as a fluid experimental domain where the sole limit should be the sky.

The most convenient torch that I’ve tried in the past months would be the Turbo Blue torch. I’ve particularly loved how it performed on salmon, which is quite a delicate material to cook with a culinary torch. Also, the butane is refillable and the flame can reach up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the flame being adjustable, you can explore a lot of versatile dishes that demand different temperatures. All in all, Turbo Blue did its part in the cooking and excelled performance-wise.

What dishes can you cook with a torch?

If you’re having difficulties finding new culinary horizons, I enlist you here three dishes I have recently cooked with the help of a kitchen torch.

  • Mac and Cheese. The butane torch made a fabulous crisp on the mac and cheese! I usually go for the torch on any sort of cheese melting because the device performs a quick and fine action on the food.
  • Grapefruit Brulee. Or any fruit, actually. The torch deliciously caramelized the grapefruit, which gave an outstanding taste to the cake.
  • Roast Beef. I’ve recently found out that slightly chopping the meat before putting it in the oven makes the final result a mouth-watering dish!

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