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How to train your new puppy

Adopting a puppy will surely bring joy to any household. The snuggly bundle of love will constantly crave attention and playtime from its new family members and it is important to give it to the puppy to strengthen the bond between the pet and the owners.

The more positive attention it receives, the easier it will be for the puppy to accommodate its new surroundings. Moving to a new home suddenly can be stressful for any animal and it is important to make the transition as smooth as possible. The puppy will feel more comfortable if it’s around people who shower it with love and care.

The more the puppy grows and the more it feels comfortable in the new surroundings, the more it becomes prone to chaotic behaviors. What they perceive as fun, for you means additional time spend on cleaning up.

The benefits of training

Training your puppy will allow you to control its destructive tendencies and that is the most often cited reason for dog training. But it actually has other benefits too.

Training also strengthens the bond between the puppy and the trainer. Maintaining the rules you have set for the puppy and using positive reinforcement builds trust. They will start looking to the owner for guidance and see them as a real parental figure.

When to begin training

Puppies can begin the simplest training as soon as they are born. By socializing with the mother and its siblings, the puppy learns basic communication skills. It is good to slowly introduce it to humans to allow them to get used to the presence of creatures other than dogs.

You can begin to teach your puppy commands like ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ when they become around 2 months old. Their attention span is short so intense training is not possible but they should be able to learn these simple commands if you stick with daily training sessions.

How to train puppies

The rules you set for your puppy should be constant. If you don’t want it to jump onto the couch then firmly make it get off it each time with no exceptions until it learns not to do that.

Positive reinforcement is the most effective way of training a dog. This means giving it a reward, usually a treat or a toy, whenever they complete the task successfully.

The first command you should teach your puppy is to come to you at the sound of their name. If you just gave it its new name then chances are your puppy still hasn’t learned to recognize it. Face your puppy and get down on its level while calling his name. Whenever he comes to you stroke it playfully and give a small reward. Use the new name always when you are playing with it so that it can begin to form associations with the sound of the name.

Exceptions to the rules

Training puppies isn’t so straightforward if you own a specific dog breed. Different breeds may have their own rules for training so be sure to search for the right ones for your puppy. A guide about how to train Pitbull puppies might have different information from this one.

What can you do to remedy smelly armpits?

Sweat is a natural process that occurs in our body and it is crucial to its proper functioning as it regulates the body temperature. People still get embarrassed, however, if they notice themselves sweating and will try anything to avoid that.

While sweating is normal, excessive sweating is not (unless we are talking about someone who is right now working out). Excessive sweating by itself is uncomfortable but the smell that comes with it is often just as bad. And because it is the smell that is usually noticed by people around us, we will try anything to stop that body odor.

The problem of smelly armpits usually first occurs during the teenage stage when our bodies begin to mature. It doesn’t always go away when we become adults though. Serious problems will require a visit to the doctor but there are a lot of home remedies that might be able to help you.

DIY remedies

There are some DIY mixtures you can use to rub onto your armpits once a day that have been proven to help some people with body odor. The most common one is a mix of lemon juice and water. Lemon lowers the skin pH to make it impossible for bacteria to grow there. You can also just rub half a lemon directly on the skin under your armpits if you prefer. Other liquids you can use are witch hazel or apple cider vinegar.

Strong deodorants

If you struggle with excessive sweating, regular deodorants will probably not work. You will need the strongest deodorant for odor. There are some clinical-strength deodorants available over the counter that should get you the effect you need.

You could also use antiperspirants but it shouldn’t be overused as stopping the sweat from occurring completely is not a good long-term solution. Our bodies need sweat to function. A deodorant for bad odor will allow you to combat the smell problem itself.

Deodorant Advisor has many recommendations for deodorants that shouldn’t have a problem with combating body odor.

Diet change

The food we eat can have an effect on the body odor produced. This is especially worth looking into if you have recently altered your diet or have been eating a lot of some specific food.

Cruciferous vegetables are the most common culprit of this. This means vegetables containing sulfur, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, or brussels sprouts. Our bodies aren’t able to break it down completely, causing them to become secreted through sweat. Other similar foods include garlic, red meat, or some fish.


Our mental state can also have an unfortunate effect on the body odor and cause our sweat to smell worse than usual. This is why a lot of people sweat excessively during public speeches.

Relaxing is easier said than done but it is a good idea to set aside some time every day for relaxation. In the worst cases, you may need to see a therapist to overcome your stress.

Smelly armpits are not a problem that can be ignored. Not only they can cause serious health issues, but they will also hinder many social interactions. The smell of sweat makes us lose their self-confidence and can make others avoid interacting with us.

Torches Are The Next Level Cookware Tool

Gastronomy is such a versatile field that hardly can we ever arrive at the point where there’s nothing left to explore. Multiple reasons make the art of food so inherently unique. However, I believe that the central deciding markers are the hand of the chef, the culture the chef delivers through the food, and the tools the chef uses. Cookware has a lot to say in the taste of the final product, and the industry has developed more eccentric appliances that change the original taste of the dish for the better.

Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur, there’s no reason not to expand your cooking abilities with the help of a turbo torch. While the kitchen of a restaurant and a home kitchen don’t have major resemblances, except for the purpose they share, the food you create in any cooking area benefits from such a tool.

Why own a kitchen torch?

Regardless of your level of expertness in gastronomy, a torch deserves a spot on your countertop. If you associate kitchen torches to a delicious creme brulee, you must know that there’s far more to explore through this device than a tasty dessert.

However, one condition of being able to explore new ways to create dishes is the availability to learn and expand your knowledge. If you’re equipped with livelihood and curiosity, a kitchen torch could fulfill your need for novel food discoveries.

Using a kitchen torch in the cooking process gives you a sense of an authentic raw food experience since you manually use the flame to create the dish. Instantly, the process of cooking becomes an interaction between you and the food.

A top pick for kitchen torches

Since I discovered the torch I’ve felt the perpetual desire to integrate it in the creative process. Personally, I think of gastronomy as a fluid experimental domain where the sole limit should be the sky.

The most convenient torch that I’ve tried in the past months would be the Turbo Blue torch. I’ve particularly loved how it performed on salmon, which is quite a delicate material to cook with a culinary torch. Also, the butane is refillable and the flame can reach up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the flame being adjustable, you can explore a lot of versatile dishes that demand different temperatures. All in all, Turbo Blue did its part in the cooking and excelled performance-wise.

What dishes can you cook with a torch?

If you’re having difficulties finding new culinary horizons, I enlist you here three dishes I have recently cooked with the help of a kitchen torch.

  • Mac and Cheese. The butane torch made a fabulous crisp on the mac and cheese! I usually go for the torch on any sort of cheese melting because the device performs a quick and fine action on the food.
  • Grapefruit Brulee. Or any fruit, actually. The torch deliciously caramelized the grapefruit, which gave an outstanding taste to the cake.
  • Roast Beef. I’ve recently found out that slightly chopping the meat before putting it in the oven makes the final result a mouth-watering dish!

Best Christmas Gifts for Her This Christmas

Christmas is definitely a very special time of the year. This great holiday always brings a nice festive atmosphere in Christian countries. People are full of joy while celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. And as a part of the celebrating ceremony, they usually buy and give interesting presents to their dear ones. Each man has some special woman, and it would be nice to surprise her on this great day. Buying an appealing present is a great way to do so. But, if you do not know what to buy, then you are in the right place. In the article below, you will find some good ideas about products that can serve as an ideal present.

Perfume is always acceptable as a gift, and you should consider it while choosing the best present for her. All women love perfumes but you still need to be careful during selection. There are many brands that offer all kind of perfumes but some are really special. Christmas is only once in the year, so you should buy something great. That way, your woman will be truly surprised and thrilled. For example, Channel is an excellent brand that makes extraordinary perfumes. Some of these are considered as the best among all brands on the world market. Obviously, they can be an amazing gift as well.

Jewelry is another nice thing that women really love. There are various types of jewelry and they are also made of different materials. Platinum, gold, and silver are the most popular while those with diamonds and brilliants are the most prestigious. You can choose some of these depending on your financial power. If your pocket is deep enough and you have more than you need, then you can find some really exceptional and fantastic products. But, you can also find nice jewelry for significantly smaller amounts of money, especially these days when you have so many online markets to buy from.

A coffee machine or a home cappuccino machine are quite different than the previous suggestions, but despite that, it can be a wonderful present for your woman. Some of these devices are very advanced, thanks to the fast technological development, and they can be really useful and helpful. For example, Keurig is leading company that produces truly amazing coffee machines. There are different types of these devices, and you can choose the best for your woman. Powerful and effective, each of them will do a great job in accordance with its characteristics and features. And all know, every woman love coffee so this can be a great gift for her this Christmas.

Flowers are also a great present for every woman because they love it. There are various types available but a few are very popular. Each of these is usually quite affordable, so anyone can afford it without worries about a home budget. Roses are almost always perfect, especially the red ones for a woman that you love. However, some bouquets and arrangements can be truly amazing and extraordinary. They are often customizable and you can choose whatever types of flowers you want in it. So their prices can grow depending on buyer’s wishes. Besides, flowers are great as an additional gift as well, so if you choose to buy perfume or Keurig coffee maker from, you may also include flowers together with it.

Best Smelling Car Air Fresheners from California Scents

California Scents

California Scents

The type and scent of air freshener you choose for your car tells a lot about you. The way you keep your car clean and fresh can make a ride pleasant or a smelly torture. If you don’t want to appear as an unhygienic individual to the eyes of your passengers, clean your car and fix a good freshener on your dashboard. After all, it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to do that.

The problem with a car when you are using it for quite some time is it collects different scents of all things you bring inside. When you went to one of the drive-thrus and took that fried chicken out the box, when your son took off his shoes after the soccer game, or when your spouse spilled the cup of coffee the other week, your car smells bad after.

A slight disadvantage of car air fresheners is you are not sure if everyone likes the smell of the scent you will choose. Everybody is unique, and so is our sense of smell. I’m sure you have that bad-car-smell moment once, and it haunted you afterward. It may be caused by a bad choice of brand, or an unexpected type of smell. Either way, it taught you a valuable lesson. The type of smell in your car can affect your image.

Regularly cleaning your car may help prevent the accumulation of dust but not the bad smell. A good car air freshener can improve not only the smell but the ambiance of your car as well. You may not know what brand of air fresheners that is worth your money, but one of the best smelling car air fresheners in the market now is from California Scents.

If you haven’t yet found the right air freshener for your car, check the best smelling car air freshener from California Scents:

1) Tin-Vanilla 

California Scents brought the amazing scent of a vanilla into their line of car air fresheners. The long-lasting scent of a vanilla promotes a cool and relaxed feeling in your car.

2) Tin-Cinnamon/Apple

If you want the combination of scent from cinnamon and apple, this is the air freshener to go. It characterizes that fun, sweet smell of the two fruits. You and your passengers will surely enjoy that long ride with this amazing scent.

3) Bubble Gum

The bubbly and yummy scent of a bubble gum is now in a car air freshener. You can enjoy that sweet smell of a bubble gum without hurting your jaw anymore. Now you will have that fun and upbeat drive with this scent.

4) Tin-Strawberry

Who doesn’t love the delicious strawberry fruit? That pleasant sugary fragrance of a strawberry is now in small package for you and your family to enjoy.

5) Hawaiian Garden Scent

A delightful scent of the Hawaiian garden lets you think that you’re in a vacation while driving your car. The scent soothes your mind and calms your nerves. It takes all the bad stuff out of your head.

Car air fresheners from California scents appeal to all ages. So, you don’t worry whoever is with you in the car, because they are going to enjoy that sweet fruity smell. And that will make a good, long-lasting impression about you.