How to train your new puppy

Adopting a puppy will surely bring joy to any household. The snuggly bundle of love will constantly crave attention and playtime from its new family members and it is important to give it to the puppy to strengthen the bond between the pet and the owners.

The more positive attention it receives, the easier it will be for the puppy to accommodate its new surroundings. Moving to a new home suddenly can be stressful for any animal and it is important to make the transition as smooth as possible. The puppy will feel more comfortable if it’s around people who shower it with love and care.

The more the puppy grows and the more it feels comfortable in the new surroundings, the more it becomes prone to chaotic behaviors. What they perceive as fun, for you means additional time spend on cleaning up.

The benefits of training

Training your puppy will allow you to control its destructive tendencies and that is the most often cited reason for dog training. But it actually has other benefits too.

Training also strengthens the bond between the puppy and the trainer. Maintaining the rules you have set for the puppy and using positive reinforcement builds trust. They will start looking to the owner for guidance and see them as a real parental figure.

When to begin training

Puppies can begin the simplest training as soon as they are born. By socializing with the mother and its siblings, the puppy learns basic communication skills. It is good to slowly introduce it to humans to allow them to get used to the presence of creatures other than dogs.

You can begin to teach your puppy commands like ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ when they become around 2 months old. Their attention span is short so intense training is not possible but they should be able to learn these simple commands if you stick with daily training sessions.

How to train puppies

The rules you set for your puppy should be constant. If you don’t want it to jump onto the couch then firmly make it get off it each time with no exceptions until it learns not to do that.

Positive reinforcement is the most effective way of training a dog. This means giving it a reward, usually a treat or a toy, whenever they complete the task successfully.

The first command you should teach your puppy is to come to you at the sound of their name. If you just gave it its new name then chances are your puppy still hasn’t learned to recognize it. Face your puppy and get down on its level while calling his name. Whenever he comes to you stroke it playfully and give a small reward. Use the new name always when you are playing with it so that it can begin to form associations with the sound of the name.

Exceptions to the rules

Training puppies isn’t so straightforward if you own a specific dog breed. Different breeds may have their own rules for training so be sure to search for the right ones for your puppy. A guide about how to train Pitbull puppies might have different information from this one.