Everyone may need some help when fishing whether it’s as a sport or just a hobby. The device for such a purpose is known as a fish finder and is easily available in the market. They work by showing sound reflections thereby making it easy to spot the location of many fish at once. They come in various designs and prices, suitable for different people since everyone has different preferences. Some examples and choose one of the best fish finder for the money

Lowrance hook 3X

This fish finder has the basic features that can aid in locating a school of fish and is one of the most affordable. Going for less than $100 and with features like a sound broadband, good resolution with noise rejection, temperature sensor and a frequency range of up to 200Hz, this gadget is great for non-commercial fishers who have a tight budget. Although sometimes it may show the wrong depth and temperature readings, it can also be very helpful when placed on a trolling motor.

Humminbird Helix-10 DI

This is a bit on the higher price range going for over $600 but it’s worth every penny. It has advanced features such as showing images of items under water, temperature and water depth levels as well as any turbulence. With a frequency range that can go up to 800Hz, this fish finding gadgets will give you very accurate information. It also has an LED screen display that aids in showing clear images and readings, built in GPS to give precise location and a metal mounting sturdy. The only downside of this product is the difficulty of the control system but this can get easier once you get used to it. Humminbird Helix-10 DI is a great buy.

Raymarine dragonfly 5 pro

As one of the fish finders with most advanced technologies, this gadget is surprisingly affordable. It has features such as a very high quality display system and an anti-fog system that makes it suitable for any type of weather. Other features include a technology that can show items under the boat, a Wi-Fi system that makes it easy to synchronize the product with its mobile application, a GPS and navigation system that makes it easier to locate items and a mounting feature for easy display. In addition to all this, it produces very clear images and can allow the connection of multiple devices at the same time. However, like all the others it has a downside, which is its inability to show distance and speed. Compared to all the other great features, this downside doesn’t reduce the quality of this fish finder.

Deeper smart portable fish finder

The ability to float on the water surface makes this suitable for any location. Its wireless feature makes it possible to read information under water while floating on the surface. It can show the depth, temperature, location and the vegetation. Its Bluetooth connection can go up to 130 feet and the app that comes with it is easy to understand and use. Even though it is wireless, it doesn’t need a Bluetooth connection to work. The ability to function on icy grounds makes it perfect for ice fishing as well as open lake fishing. Although other objects may hinder Bluetooth connectivity, it’s still an amazing product.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Gamer Lover!

It is difficult trying to figure out what the best gift might be for someone; it is even more difficult to know what gift someone would really appreciate. In order to get a perfect gift for them it is very important to understand their lifestyle—this might not be so much of a problem if they are loved ones. But if your lover is someone who is a game lover—and chances are that you are not—it is important that you get some tips on what presents he would almost certainly appreciate. Luckily, this is exactly what this piece is all about: getting a perfect valentine gift for your gamer lover.

Gaming Headset & Earbuds

Gamers always need very powerful headsets to enjoy the audio sounds of the games they play for without great sounds games wouldn`t` be so much fun. There are so many brands of gaming headsets out there and the choice shouldn’t really be a tough one. However a good headset should contour perfectly to the head—and this should be very easy to check out. You should also go for a headset that has a bidirectional design as this delivers a high quality of sound with effective noise cancellation. In addition, a good headset should be comfy with soft ear cushions.

We recommend:

Gaming mouse

A gaming mouse also stands to be really appreciated by any serious game lover. Gaming mice are not much different from the conventional mice; they only have additional features that make them ideal for gaming. There are major kinds of mice based on the tracking technology: laser, optical and infrared mice. You should go for a laser mouse they are generally regarded by gamers as the best. In addition, it is best to go for a DPI switching mouse as it enables the sensitivity of the mouse to be controlled. One more thing: a “handed mouse,” that is, one that is designed for either left handed or right handed persons would be a perfect choice as it more comfortable to hold.

We recommend:

Gaming TV

Giving any gamer a gaming TV for valentine would surely help you to cement your place in their hearts. That said when it comes to buying a good gaming TV, things can be really difficult. So it’s best to do a thorough investigation and survey before deciding on one. But some of the things to look out for include a high refresh rate of about 120 Hz, local dimming, and most importantly, TVs which have a game mode. But as we have stated earlier, you might need to discuss to another gamer to know what the best choice should be—that is if you want the gift to come as a surprise to your lover.

We recommend:

Gaming Chair

Without a good gaming chair, most gamers are likely to suffer from body pains, especially low back pain. These pains emanate from the poor ergonomic design of some gaming chairs. So taking the time to find an excellent gaming chair for your gamer lover is something they would deeply appreciated. A good gaming chair should actually be an office chair. These chairs have height control, arm rest control, backrest rest lock, and other features that make them very comfortable. A good gaming chair should be made of leather or mesh.

We recommend:

Budget Gaming Laptop

Getting an excellent, budget gaming laptop is not so much of an easy task seeing that there is always a down side to any gaming laptop. And so the onus lies on you to find a gaming laptop with considerable gaming power; and for a fair price. In this regard, factors to be considered include ram size, graphic card, and processor capacity as well as battery life.

We recommend:

Wireless Game Controller

One other thing you should consider getting your gamer lover is a wireless game controller as it something any gamer would really wish to have. Choosing a game controller isn`t` that difficult but there are a few things to note. One of them is that the controller should have a good tactile feel; the other is that it should be officially supported by most games. However it is equally important for the controller to have a sturdy and beautiful design.

We recommend:

Best Smelling Car Air Fresheners from California Scents

California Scents

California Scents

The type and scent of air freshener you choose for your car tells a lot about you. The way you keep your car clean and fresh can make a ride pleasant or a smelly torture. If you don’t want to appear as an unhygienic individual to the eyes of your passengers, clean your car and fix a good freshener on your dashboard. After all, it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to do that.

The problem with a car when you are using it for quite some time is it collects different scents of all things you bring inside. When you went to one of the drive-thrus and took that fried chicken out the box, when your son took off his shoes after the soccer game, or when your spouse spilled the cup of coffee the other week, your car smells bad after.

A slight disadvantage of car air fresheners is you are not sure if everyone likes the smell of the scent you will choose. Everybody is unique, and so is our sense of smell. I’m sure you have that bad-car-smell moment once, and it haunted you afterward. It may be caused by a bad choice of brand, or an unexpected type of smell. Either way, it taught you a valuable lesson. The type of smell in your car can affect your image.

Regularly cleaning your car may help prevent the accumulation of dust but not the bad smell. A good car air freshener can improve not only the smell but the ambiance of your car as well. You may not know what brand of air fresheners that is worth your money, but one of the best smelling car air fresheners in the market now is from California Scents.

If you haven’t yet found the right air freshener for your car, check the best smelling car air freshener from California Scents:

1) Tin-Vanilla 

California Scents brought the amazing scent of a vanilla into their line of car air fresheners. The long-lasting scent of a vanilla promotes a cool and relaxed feeling in your car.

2) Tin-Cinnamon/Apple

If you want the combination of scent from cinnamon and apple, this is the air freshener to go. It characterizes that fun, sweet smell of the two fruits. You and your passengers will surely enjoy that long ride with this amazing scent.

3) Bubble Gum

The bubbly and yummy scent of a bubble gum is now in a car air freshener. You can enjoy that sweet smell of a bubble gum without hurting your jaw anymore. Now you will have that fun and upbeat drive with this scent.

4) Tin-Strawberry

Who doesn’t love the delicious strawberry fruit? That pleasant sugary fragrance of a strawberry is now in small package for you and your family to enjoy.

5) Hawaiian Garden Scent

A delightful scent of the Hawaiian garden lets you think that you’re in a vacation while driving your car. The scent soothes your mind and calms your nerves. It takes all the bad stuff out of your head.

Car air fresheners from California scents appeal to all ages. So, you don’t worry whoever is with you in the car, because they are going to enjoy that sweet fruity smell. And that will make a good, long-lasting impression about you.